Push all the boxes onto the goals. All levels are very difficult.

WASD to move. Z to undo. R to restart.

These levels ware generated by a Lee Haywood's 'SokEvo'. 


[Solutions & Hack] https://dario-zubovic.github.io/PuzzleScript/editor.html?hack=a357c89dda69cdb06c...

Oh, miss spelled! : CONGRATULATIONS!


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Very nice set of puzzles, thanks. The graphics took a little getting used to. I did one level on my Kindle Fire and the image was literally the size of a postage stamp. But full screen on the PC fixed that. I appreciated the level select, as usual, and liked that level scoreboard!

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Level 3 is a nightmare 🤯


It's fun. I got stuck on the first level though. It's quite difficult.

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