opposoddo is a short sokoban game. White and Black are you, but Black moves opposite direction. 

When two players meet in the same cell, they merge. However, if two are neighboring each other, they cannot be merged.

There are 10 levels.

WASD/Arrow keys to move. Z to undo. R to restart.

[hack] https://www.puzzlescript.net/editor.html?hack=ef592f0dd1d0d929d8fd20c693a9f882


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I like those smart puzzlers that feature coordination of binary elements, but some rules in the game felt unclear, namely, what is the hidden requirement to be able to successfully merge the pieces, as at times they would simply bash against one another?

Brilliant game, love it.

thank you for playing!

How do you beat the final level?

just try and error :)

Why puzzle script games always start hard right away?

haha. I think so too.

Fun game, nice puzzles with logical solutions.