Glyph Dentaku 

Operate the calculator with the 7-segment display to make the glyph indicated in the right-center. You can see for yourself what is done when you do what.

WASD/Arrow to move, X to set Number/Operator. Z to undo. R to restart.


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Made withPuzzleScript
Tags1-bit, calculator, PuzzleScript, tool
Average sessionA few minutes


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Really neat little game, made me think a bit about alternative solutions and how many situations might have them. Setting all to minus was something I often found worked!

This was neat to play! I got past the initial hurdle of "these aren't numbers" quickly, but it took me a while to start thinking in terms of "negative space". Once I did, I flew through the remaining few levels, and now I wish there was a random/endless mode, as this was fun and I wish it hadn't ended.

I might share this with some friends who struggle with bitwise operations, maybe seeing it visualised like this will help them (if they can get past the arithmetic meaning of the glyphs and operators).

Some UX stuff I didn't enjoy:
- Undo undoes just your one previous movement, which makes it pretty useless. I think undoing the previous glyph/operator assignment would make it more useful.
- When selecting a glyph/operator to assign, the cursor jumps to a default glyph (0) or operator (+), which makes fixing small mistakes rather annoying. I think it should start on the currently selected glyph/operator.

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When the number of digits is the maximum, you can create all glyph shapes. You can try any glyph you like!

Also, regarding the UI idea, your 'undo' will be difficult to implement due to the specs of this game script. And, it is possible to jump the cursor to the current character, but I forgot the source code :p so I hope to be able to use it in the next game or later. Thanks for the feedback.

great game

This was really challenging until I stopped thinking about numbers and maths. It makes you think differently.

what is this..

Really cool. I like it and added to my collection ;)


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this would be a great mobile game


very cool stuff! im a little too dumb to get very far tho :P



I think this calculator is broken…

It makes for a very fun game! It became very challenging at level 5 for me. :)

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it is