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Big trunk 10/10

​Very impressive level design. I was really surprised how many genuinely different, hard, but solvable levels you managed to get out of the same fairly simple set of rules. Awesome work!

No level stumped me as much as the third one, but part of the reason might be that I was stuck on it for so long, that I learned a ​lot​ about the game’s possibilities while trying to figure it out.


What a long trunk!

Excellent game that gets a lot out of its mechanics and has some seriously nice looks.

Kawaii! Tanoshii! Muzukashii! Very satisfied😄



I feel like no matter how deep I get into the game (currently level 10), every level feels totally impossible until I solve it. Normally, there would be some slow process of enlightenment, but here everything is artfully obscured behind a layer of pure trunk movement sorcery. The worst part is that there are usually enough clues that you're not just flailing in the dark; you're in what seems to be a small space (containing an elephant obviously) wondering why on earth you can't find the solution.



I love this ^^


Very nice!