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after trying, and then not doing it for a while, and now trying again, i finally solved it

Hey, so in you demake of patrick's parabox, stage 8 seems to be impossible, because you can't get the yellow block off the wall without messing up the recursion block. So can you make a solution video for you custom stages.

It's possible. I solved it several days ago.

I got it later, and now I'm stuck on stage 10

This is excellent! Especially the way every piece has a special role to play, and the unique way the snake piece works. It's very "flavory" in a way, and the challenge is a welcome spice. I noped away from the harder version though LOL.


Find where each piece must go.
Use snake to move pieces.
Use square to correct parity if needed.
Use long piece to help finish.
Find which piece can help with placing the snake.

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Actually, the last piece I helped finish with was the 2x2 square.

I did it!  I can't believe it!  Wow.  That was a good challenge!  



Amazing idea! Not solved yet, but will keep trying.