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level 7 is impossible



Nice demo, I finished it

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Can you help me with level 10 .

level 5 literally makes no sense wtf am i supposed to do

It's an official level, just watch some vids on the game

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This game is pretty good 7/10 reason, stages 8, 9, and 10 are very hard but not impossible. But there should be a hint system for the people who never watch Rick and Marty

there is a glitch that if you push the puzzelblock outside of the puzzel, it glitchs the whole screen and you have to restart.


That's not a glitch, it's a reference to the void in the official version

super impressive, the puzzles are very well designed :D

Hey, can you help us. Their is an impossible puzzle

i caused a paradox

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Cool demake.  I had forgotten I was looking forward to Patrick's Parabox :)

This is really amazing! Congratulations, impressive implementation and levels!



thanks for your game! it makes me feel so smart






idk how to play it :(

First, click the game screen to activate the keyboard control.

no like  what tf should i do in it i really wanna play this game but i don't find any tutorials on youtube

Rules are based on this original game.

Amazing! I've never even used puzzle-script before but I would not have believed this was possible.



This is incredible! This is one of those games I thought couldn't possibly work in puzzlescript, but you've proven me wrong. The animations especially are super smooth.