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Amazing. Is there a level creator?



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Hey, it's a very great game indeed!! But I feel stupid trying to get out of Level 16. May be there're some hidden tactics I'm unaware of?
I made it out! Thank you for the game!!!

Really cool!

Very nice puzzle mechanic, kinda reminds me of Baba is You. Well done!

Can't agree more. nicely done

Nice! it could use some music. I like the traps, and puzzle keys.

thank you!

I'm delighted to let you know that I featured your game again, this time in my Top 10 Games of the Week video! 

Really enjoyed this! The aesthetic is great and communicates a surprising amount considering how minimal everything is. There's also some really fun puzzles, particularly once you get to the face-hugger levels, where I felt quite bad sacrificing waves of clones to manoeuvre the light red terrors out of the way.

thank you!

INCREDIBLE GAME! I LOVE the unique use of the duplication mechanic, and the game had me really stumped for quite a while! I featured it as part of my latest series, "Indie Game Deep Dives" if you're interested! 

I've enjoyed the video! thank you 

Fun, but hard game, I like the main mechanic and how it interacts with the other objects(like keys) as well as the simplistic style!

thank you!